First Blog!

First blog and there are so many things to say, but since me and this blog are just meeting each other and I've barely figured out how to post it, I'll keep it pretty simple this time. :)

First of all I couldn't start this blog without sending condolences to Kanye West and his family on the passing of his mom, Donda West. I have only had the chance to meet Kanye through his music, but it's evident how much he loved and respected his mom. My prayers are with Kanye and his family, bigger than that I know that God is with Kanye and his family. Kanye has already been through a near-death experience and the blow of losing a parent can't really be healed with words, but I hope that in time Kanye is able to live his life with fuel from his mother's inspiration.

We say it all the time. And when things like this happen it becomes even more clear that we should really live the days we have to the fullest. I've been listening to Eric Roberson lately and my favorite song from his latest album "..Left" is called "Pretty Girl." You'll hear more about it as it seems I can't stop listening to it :O, but there's one line that really stuck out to me. "A rose can't bloom before it's time. But it'll never bloom if the sun don't shine. So live your life." That means no waiting for permission or waiting for somebody to say it's ok. Living like that is like living your life on hold. If you never open yourself up to shine, no one gets to see the beauty you bring, which means you don't even get to see that beauty in yourself.

I'll work on dressing this thing up some more and if you have tips please hit me up! Until next time blog friends...