Upgrade Your Social Life: Chicago Step in the Name of Love

I have to admit…I have been frontin'. Every time "Step in the Name of Love" comes on, I hit the dance floor and do something that is trying desperately to pass for Chicago steppin'. I have always wanted to learn how to step for real so I stopped through a stepper's evening sponsored by My Steppers Club, held at the Atlanta Executive Center every third Sunday.

The folks at My Steppers Club, showed me a thing or two about how deceitfully easy Kells and his Chi-town cronies make steppin' look. Special thanks to Sarah and Ron, step class instructors, and to the deejay (whose name I sadly didn't get!) for helping me to review the steps I just learned. Here are some things to note about learning how to Chicago step:

1. You can't make stepping up as you go. It has structure and specific steps. I started off with two: The "push off" and the "full 8."

2. In this dance, the man takes the lead and the lady follows…which is a metaphor that could incite a whole other level of conversation but we'll save that for another blog series. ☺

3. Ladies heels are a must so pick a comfortable pair that you won't mind dancing in most of the night.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

For more steppin' check out this event: Sunday, Sept. 7, Hot Steppin' in Red at the Crowe's Nest Mega-Plex. Free Steppin' Lessons from 7-8pm, open dance floor until 12am. $10 cover. Visit www.classactsteppers.com for more information or call 404.663.9269.

Next social life upgrade…salsa lessons!

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