Andre 3000 Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line Launch

Had a chance to swing through the Atlanta launch event for Andre 3000's clothing line Benjamin Bixby on Thursday, October 16. Inspired by 1930's Brooklyn style, the line is complete with tweed, old-style suspenders, and crisp, clean, button-downs. An excellent reflection of Andre's cool eclectic style. Check out the pics!

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Carl Nichols said...


I love your creativity and have used several of you videos in our worship gatherings. My wife and I are from S ATL and are moving back that way next year to plant a church in Henry County. My question to you is simple...what are your ministry plans for the next few years. We are currently looking for a Worship and Creative Arts Director and would be interested in chatting. you can check out my blog at www.carlnichols.net and email at nicholscw@bellsouth.net

Hope to hear from you soon.