Music Moments Blog 1: Theme Songs

theme song: \ˈthēm\ \ˈsoŋ\ noun 1 a musical composition that inspires and motivates

I’ve learned that the only time dreams just happen to you is in your sleep. In real life, the achieving of dreams takes work, risking failure and rejection, and refusing to settle for what is comfortable or convenient. A theme song can be a great way to keep yourself focused and motivated. These tunes keep me encouraged to be myself, to keep going even when it would seem easier to call it quits, to sing really loud, to dance, and to believe.

Off the Wall – Michael Jackson
Yes, this song is about the boogie, but let’s dig a little deeper. Michael is singing a metaphor here, something Pink picked up on in “God is a Deejay.” Life -- the dance floor. God – the deejay. You – hopefully are not leaning against the wall scared to dance. Not only does this song rock, but also it reminds me to not get too comfortable leaning against the wall in life.

“Life ain’t so bad at all if you’re living off the wall.” – Michael Jackson

Strength, Courage and Wisdom – India.Arie
India.Arie is one of my FAVORITE artists. She writes the songs that say what I want to say, and this one is closest to my heart out of all of them. I love this song because it communicates the balance of living your dream: I do my part and God does his. There are times to make a move and times to let it be. This is also a great workout song! (Shout out to the treadmill!)

“I close my eyes and I think of all the things that I wanna see…” – India.Arie

Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
I’ll admit it. I LOVED Kelly Clarkson’s first album (shout out to dr. hoch who hipped me to it!) When I first heard the song “Breakaway,” Andy Stanley was doing a series of messages with the same title at Buckhead Church. I cried at all of them because I knew that breaking away from what was comfortable is what I would have to do if I was going to live my life to the fullest. At the time that was a tall order because it meant a serious interruption in my routine and perspective. Looking back on that moment I’m glad I took the risk of leaving my convenience and comfort to pursue something new.

“Make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway.” – Kelly Clarkson

Pretty Girl – Eric Roberson
I believe God can speak to us through many things and I realized after listening to this on repeat 20 zillion times lol that I love this song because it sounds like something God would say. I can imagine him watching this girl, the same way a dad marvels at, loves, and protects his daughter. Telling her that she doesn’t have to settle for less than what she’s worth. That there is more to her than her physical appearance. That he sees beauty in her beyond her smile. This song, reminds me of how big God’s love is and that thankfully his love doesn’t depend on how good we are or how much we have it together.

“Open your eyes and realize you’re worth much more. Oh so much more.” – Eric Roberson

“That’s my theme music. Every good hero should have some.” – John Slade, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (check the video around 7:50...really watch all of it, it's hilarious! lol)

Your turn. What are some of your theme songs?

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