Christmas Poem Videos, Script, and Download

Through a partnership with 4Thought Media, I have released two new Christmas poem videos: "Shine His Light" and "Unlikely Situations." These two are available for download at 4ThoughtMedia.com.

Below the Script for "Shine His Light" and "Unlikely Situations" is available for purchase as well. We had some broken links previously so if you have any trouble downloading this, please email info@amenabrown.com.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!




Collin Kelley said...

Merry Christmas, Amena!

Anonymous said...

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Tom Watson said...

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Destiny Church of Jacksonville said...

Are you going to be doing any more poems soon? We are showing one of your tomorrow at church. Bless you!

Amena Bee said...

@DestinyChurchofJacksonville i hope to work on releasing some new videos later this year or early next year. in the meantime, i have released a new book and CD both titled Breaking Old Rhythms. More info here: www.amenabrown.com. thanks for writing!