Made the slam team!

it's 1 am and i should be asleep. monday awaits. but i couldn't let the night pass without blogging. :) the java monkey slam finals were tonight and i made the team along with gypsee yo, chas, and shannon leigh, with bryan patillo as slam master. it was all in all a night of great poetry. from the sacrificial poets courtney and jon goode, to the final round.

shoutouts!: thanks to kimpossible, tim, kwajelyn, celita, ashley, drea, my lovely sister keda, my beautiful mom jeanne, kyana, jon goode, gypsee yo, ebony janice, byron, asha, and myra for showing a sista so much love and support.

this is my third try at making the java monkey team and through the process i have learned that slam is a tricky thing. it's not something to base your value on as a poet. it's a competition, it's numbers, scores, strategy, with a lil entertainment mixed in. i like it because it challenges me, pushes me to take my work and my performance to another level. so at the end of the whole thing you gotta feel good about what you do, about what you say, and at least be able to walk off stage proud of yourself.

kudos to each poet that made it to the finals, the abovementioned and a.p., mista funn, chiara, lady, and stefen. i'll keep you all posted on the prep for nationals.


Wise said...

FANTASTIC!! You deserve it, I am sure. Rock on, girl!

Collin said...

Great news! Sorry I couldn't be there to see the final victory, but your first poem was hot! Glad to see you blogging, too. I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Saya Blu said...

She bala BE!
She BA BA!
You totally pwwwwwwned, last night!
That was so amazing!
Man, if I ever have to compete against ANY of you guys, I am really gonna have to make sure I have somethin amazing to say.
You guys PWN AT LiFE.
And I'd just like to say..
Chas=my boo.
Love you, Amena!

Chuck said...

Gwon Gurl, I knew you would do your thing! Continued success to you and wherever it is that you compete next, knock em dead. I called you recently.

Chuck Woo