10 Favorite Movie Scenes

this blog is inspired by the movie that thing you do. every time this movie comes on tv I literally sit there and watch the whole movie for a 30 second scene, which is one of the ten scenes here. liv tyler's lines in that 30 seconds stick with me every time! I also admit dear reader that the color purple appears more than once in this list. if I thought about it I probably could have catalogued 10 scenes from the color purple alone! :O for your reading pleasure…

1. God is trying to tell you something – the color purple

2. you a liar and you a cheat – the jacksons: american dream (check in at 3:00)

3. thousands of kisses – that thing you do

4. follow the drip – house party

5. kills your brain cells, son. – lean on me

6. When you figure out you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. – when harry met sally

7. the last scene of fatal attraction

8. did I ever ask you for anything?! – the color purple

9. "sista" – the color purple (including "harpo, who dis woman?"

10. proud mary – what's love got to do with it?

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Collin said...

This is a good list. Lot's of great CP moments. One of my faves in CP is when Celie is about to cut Mister's throat and it's intercut with her children in the tribal ceremony in Africa and Shug running to stop Celie. Tense, beautiful and expertly acted. "That blade looks a bit dull to me, Miss Ceilie..."