10 Things a Single Man Hates to Hear

10 things a single man hates to hear

I'm probably giving away a money idea, but I've always wished there was a yahoo for the male mind. a place where I could type in the male sentences I had a hard time translating and receive some sort of glimpse into the male psyche that might help me to understand and better communicate. in lieu of malemindyahoo.com, it pays to have good guy friends. ☺

blogging is really about conversation, so I thought it only right to present the male side of my previous blog 10 things single women hate to hear. I sent out an email to the single fellas and siphoned 10 things they hate to hear.

From women…
1. We need to talk.

2. There are no good men out here.
"A lot of women are blind and have no clue what a good man looks like."

3. You're such a nice guy.

4. I don't need a man.

5. I'm late.

6. I would like to date a guy just like you.
"This sucks when it's a chick you dig and you're thinking there is no one more like me than ... me."

7. You're like my brother.

8. I'm a classy chick.
"Classy women don't need to say this."

9. I want to get married before I turn 30.

From family and friends…
10. When are you going to settle down, get married and have some kids?

fellas, got anything to add? ladies, what do you think?

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