Class of 3000 LIVE: A Trip to Cool School

Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Tom Lynch’s animated cartoon brainchild, Cartoon Network’s Emmy award-winning Class of 3000, debuted Saturday as a live stage show to an audience full of Atlanta celebrities, families, and kids at the Alliance Theater. Set in Atlanta, the play hinges on a chance meeting between Li’l D, a middle school student who has just discovered his school has lost its music teacher, and Sunny Bridges, an international jazz and blues performer who after leaving his music career is in need of some inspiration. Here are four reasons to love this animated cartoon turned stage play.

4 Reasons to Love Class of 3000 LIVE

1. An Atlanta World Premiere: Class of 3000 LIVE is the second stage play to host its world premiere in Atlanta at the Alliance Theater this year. Shows like this help to highlight what many people already know about Atlanta, that it is a city brimming with art and talent.

2. Cool Cast: Jonathan Davis (Kam), Bernard Jones (Li’l D), Wendy Melkonian (Madison), Brandon O’Dell (Phil), Zany Pohlel (Kim), Justin Tanner (Eddie), and Sharisa Whatley (Tamika), played the live class of 3000 with song, choreography, and humor that adults and kids alike could enjoy. From the first time Li’l D yells, “let’s crank this thing up!” you want to follow him on the journey to convince his idol, Sunny Bridges, to become the kids’ music teacher. Scott Warren, actor/puppeteer, added hilarity to each role he played from Sunny’s manager to the kids’ principal.

3. Sunny Bridges: Not only is the animated character inspired by Atlanta’s own Andre 3000, but Sinatra Onyewuchi, embodied his character’s animation and eclectic style, with a signature straw hat, fluid dance moves, and a smile that invited cast and audience members to join in the fun.

4. Inspirational Tunes: Sunny and his new cadre of kids perform songs from the animated series, showing that there is more to good music than what you hear on the radio. Towards the end of the show, the kids sing “be yourself, because no one else can take your seat in cool school.” This advice, like the show, is good for all ages.

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