pseudo tweet blog: java monkey/knoxville slam

As previously stated in this here blog, my cell phone is incapable of 21st duties such as checking email, facebook, twittering and the like. In an effort to update my status at events I go old school and write down what I would twitter if I could. For your reading pleasure, my "tweets or something like that" about the qualifying slam I participated in between the Java Monkey and Knoxville slam teams on Saturday, March 14.

amena is hanging out with kim possible and j marie on the way to java monkey.

amena is listening to kim possible read a portion of outliers and feeling inspired.

amena is happy to see rhea sunshine and black atticus from the knoxville slam team.
amena just saw bryan patillo without his locks...wow!

amena huddles up with tonight’s java monkey slam team: tavares, gypsee yo, and bryan patillo, to coolly strategize for the slam.

amena wants to make it known that coolly strategize is another term for four poets looking at each other and saying "so whatchu wanna do?"

amena is digging tavares' poem about inspiring the kids.

amena is sniffling some and hopes it won't affect her performance.

amena performs "God bless mom" and gets the two judges who've been giving high 7s and low 8s all night to come up a couple of decimal points.

amena gets a blasted time penalty for taking her sweet time on "God bless mom."

amena realizes that when rhea sings it sounds like chuuuuuuch.

amena is a gypsee yo fan!

amena watched gypsee yo perform autobiography and had to stand up and shout!

amena wants to thank courageous from knoxville for standing up for the good men and for showing love to everyday women. I’m about that! :D

amena thinks it’s ridiculous that tavares’ amazing poem about the birth of his son got such low scores. haters.

amena enjoyed slamming and having a friendly win with the java team.


Anonymous said...

Wow...did you know that Malcolm Gladwell doesn't feature any prominent women in The Outliers. That's not very inspiring.

He refers to his grandmother. However, it's not in the same context.

downwardfacingblog said...

After hearing you deliver "In the Beginning" -- I wrote this very simple poem.

"In the Beginning"

Warming in all of us
is a light
that can ignite
realities to befall us.

God’s word—don’t listen to all the other’s.