my life as a cover girl :)

LOL clearly I've been watching too much america's next top model! how often does it happen that in one month you get to be on the cover and write the cover story for two different magazines? march is just such a month for me. this month I am featured in Christian singles magazine. and no it is not a print version of eharmony! lol Christian singles mag is subscription only but if you see me on the street I just might have a copy. if you want to order a copy call 800-458-2772. I'll post an excerpt soon.

I gotta give a shoutout to amy jacobs for her patience and for writing a great article from all my scatterbrained quotes. :) also big thanks to jeff frazier for taking the pics and making a sista look like she knew what she was doing! lots of love to my stylist Solomon wilkes for such a fierce haircut. say that! big big thank you to Cassandra at urban grind for giving us a place to do the shoot. I also must thank melody at the lenox mall mac store for the makeup. I also want to thank my mom and dad for…ok I'm done now. :D

a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to interview danny swain, a south Carolina producer/emcee. check out my cover story on danny in the southeast performer magazine and be on the lookout for danny's new release "and I love h.e.r." and his digital ep on def jux records. also, check out my spotlight on hip hop group platinum souls, making their way up the billboard charts.

right now i'm listening to...algebra blessett's debut CD purpose. fav song: "at this time." erykah badu's new amerykah.

artists you need to check out: chris cauley and chinua hawk. had a chance to catch these two singer/songwriters at cafe 290 along with atl soul singer anthony david. the three soulful singers traded mic time song for song, collaborating and improvising on the spot. give their songs some play or at least give some kudos! ;)

just watched: life is beautiful and season 2 of in living color. i seriously love homey d. clown.

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Danny! said...

You go girl! :)
Thank you so much for the wonderful article...one day I may be writing one on you!