10 Quotes for Women from Marianne Williamson

People! A sista is late on her top ten Tuesday promise again, so it’s top ten Wednesday this week. I am in the process of reading a few different books, which means it’s been a minute since I finished one. :O In honor of DOING HER THING month, I decided to pass on some quotes from Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth. I don’t agree with everything in the book but every few pages Marianne will write this nugget that is something I can take home with me. I pass some of these nuggets on to you. As always, kudos, comments, and opinions are welcome. :)

1. There is nothing Madison Avenue can give us that will make us more beautiful women. We are beautiful because God created us that way. Some of us know of our beauty and express it and celebrate it. But beauty itself is not given to us by anyone; it is a power we have within us from the gate, radiance inside us.

2. Don’t let another woman inherit your spoiled-brat lover like a pair of uncomfortable shoes you took back to the store. If he doesn’t get it, let him know. Walk on by.

3. A career grows out of who we are; who we are doesn’t grow out of a career. [Your] goal must not be to find a job but to become a magnificent woman.

4. A woman who cannot honor her own feelings will not find them honored by anyone else.

5. There’s a difference between a gentle man and a weak man. Weak men make us nervous. Gentle men make us calm.

6. We serve [God] to the extent that we have thoughts of purity. Purity means that we do not manipulate or seduce or preprogram or project hidden agendas onto anyone or anything.

7. No man can convince a woman she’s wonderful, but if she already believes she is, his agreement can resonate and bring her joy.

8. Everywhere we look we are presented with the idea that men toy with women, women toy with men – that’s just the way things are; it’s the way of love. But that is not the way of love; it’s the way of lovelessness.

9. There is a difference between getting a partner and attracting a partner. Getting implies that our hooks work; attracting means that our light is bright and appears like a beacon to one who is meant to see it.

10. Throughout our twenties and thirties, we care so much about what the Joneses think, even if we think we don’t. These two decades are the time when we’re most tempted to try to live for others. Around forty, it occurs to us that the Joneses have holes in their socks too, thank you, and that we have less control over what other people think than we ever imagined.

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