Childhood TV Shows

first of all today is Wednesday, actually it's almost Thursday which means a sista is late on her top ten Tuesday promise. dear readers, please forgive. ? for your reading pleasure, top ten shows from when I was a kid, dedicated to all the 80s babies. this blog is brought to you by the number 10 and the letter A.

1. the smurfs – question: was smurfette the only female smurf? did that make her the queen bee? was she reproducing all the other smurfs? and what does that say about papa smurf? was being a rolling stone in his ancestry?

2. the cosby show – once the cosby show came on television Thursday nights were reserved. I literally felt like rudy and I grew up together. favorite episode…what am I thinking?! trying to list your favorite cosby show episode is a difficult task…some honorable mentions: the one where cliff turned the house into the real world for theo, "night time is the right time"

3. teenage mutant ninja turtles – is it possible to have a crush on a turtle? seriously? how can a turtle be cute?

4. the care bears – do the care bear countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

5. sesame street – one two three four five – six seven eight nine ten – eleven twelve

6. mr. rogers – ok now that I'm grown, this show actually seems a little weird. I mean, that man in his house talking to kids inviting them to be his neighbor, taking off his shoes and stuff. I don't know. but at the time, I dug mr. rogers and the little village with the train. maybe it helped my imagination. check out this video of mr. rogers learning how to breakdance.

7. square one – I really dug this show. mathnet was like an educational predecessor to law & order!

8. reading rainbow – I want to not only thank levar burton for playing such a quintessential role in roots but I also want to thank him for hosting the show that encouraged me to become a bookworm. I so wanted to be one of those kids telling about the plot of their favorite book. james and the giant peach sucka! but you don't have to take my word for it…check out this video of run dmc on reading rainbow.

9. jem – the fellas might not feel me on this one, but jem was a rock star version of superman. she was a regular chick and when she touched her star earring she became a rock chick. ok so she didn't have super powers but still with one touch of a fingernail and showtime synergy, she went from day to evening, plain jane to superfly. if they sold her earrings, I'd buy a pair right now!

10. fraggle rock – let me start by saying that I had a fraggle rock mini LP that I used jam to on my grandma's JVC. who knew the doozers could create a city with radishes and crystallized sugar water?


Babs said...

Smurfs Movie comes out in November and Jem is Truly Outrageous!

Heather Z said...

Somehow I missed the Mr. Rogers breakdancing episode. That was awesome.