I Heart Coffee Spots

I'm a sucker for conversation. with strangers, with good girlfriends, with my cousin nem, with the cutie in the line at wal-mart. coffee spots are a den for conversation, which means I'm also a sucker for a good coffee spot. I have had some pretty pivotal conversations over chai latte and shortbread. I would catalog them here, but that would ruin the whole surprise element when my memoir comes out. :D

I'm not really a coffee drinker, but something about the steam, the sweet, the cool ambient music makes the conversation seem so much more pivotal and intellectually deep. :P here are ten of my favorite places to gather for a combination caffeine and conversation high.

1. Mocha Match – my favorite thing about mocha match is that it has a couple of nooks and crannies where you can sit and not be seen. I sometimes need to go to a coffee spot and work and not get distracted looking at every person that comes in. great coffee, chai, cider, and the staff and the owner are cool ta def (hey Sabrina and joie!) oh and FREE WI-FI (Decatur near agnes scott college)
2. Urban Grind – looking for the BEST open mic in Atlanta, stop through on Thursdays! with jon goode, blaqkharma, nukola, and spinxx alternating as hosts, Thursdays at urban grind are a guaranteed good time. I stand by it! urban grind's also got other fun stuff like a musician's open mic, game night, art night. come through and upgrade your social life. great drinks, great food, cool tees and music for sale, and the owner is the sweetest lady you wanna meet (hey Cassandra!) oh and FREE WI-FI with a purchase. (Marietta st/howell mill)
3. Octane – ok I rarely go to octane to talk. if I'm octane it's strictly for working and it seems that for most octane customers, this coffee spot has become their mobile office. if you need a place to get focused and finally finish up some work, try octane. oh and try the caramal coolant but be warned, drink one too late and you will be up all night! oh yeah and FREE WI-FI. (howell mill & 8th)
4. Sip – sip hands down wins the best décor award. it's got a very modern chocoloate look with some splashes of live green. they even have these cool, round, lime green chairs. I actually saw a grown man about curled up in one! 2 hrs WI-FI with a purchase. (Lindbergh, piedmont)
5. Cafe Intermezzo – I've been loving this spot since college. which was only two years ago. LOL try the Mexican hot chocolate and let me know if you can drink out of that big mug without getting whip cream on your nose. ahem…FREE WI-FI before 7pm (peachtree & perimeter)
6. Java Monkey – admittedly I've never been to java monkey except on Sundays for Java Monkey Speaks, which is one of the best open mics in town. I get down with their apple cider though and there desserts are necessary! believe it… FREE WI-FI (Decatur, church st.)
7. Starbucks on 7th – if you've been reading these blogs you know I'm a starbucks fan, even they are the establishment when it comes to coffee spots. my fav starbucks is on 7th, the one with all the windows. the view of the street from the window reminds me of new york. sorry ? no free wi-fi here.
8. QuikTrip – this is not a place for conversation unless you can squeeze that in while you're pumping your gas. BUT if you need the kind of coffee to keep you awake for the low low…a QT visit will do you right. it is especially helpful on road trips. I stand by it! I guarantee it! free wi-fi…n/a (a neighborhood near you)
9. Javaology – edgewood is happening in case you haven't noticed. my favorite thing about javaology is the loft space they have upstairs. I've been to quite a few cool events up there. nothing like some cool couches and a little exposed brick to create mood in a room. you guessed it…FREE WI-FI (edgewood shawty)
10. PJ's – I know, I know atlantic station has become the walmart of Atlanta social life, big box national restaurants and stores that don't give people any kind of feel for what the city is really about. I get it and I agree. doesn't stop me from going to the movies down there but I digress. pj's is my vote for most comfortable coffee spot. comfy couches with matching ottomans. and yes…FREE WI-FI (atlantic station)

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